Jeep Liberty Stroller Review

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jeep liberty stroller review

What is the Jeep Liberty Stroller?

The Jeep Liberty Stroller is one of the most comfortable and affordable of the baby strollers on the market today. It is great for any growing child and gives an enjoyable ride to your baby.

The easy handling 3 wheel feature makes it a breeze to move around tight corners and you can fold up your stroller with one hand and it stands when folded. Parents can use an infant car seat or recline the seat to accommodate infants.

This Jeep baby product supports your child up to 40 pounds. The Jeep Liberty Stroller also has JPMA certification.

Kolcraft, the distributer of the Jeep Liberty Stroller’s  story begins in 1946 Chicago, when Leo Koltun made playpen pads out of cotton batting and oilcloth covers for post World War II babies.

Rapid growth followed and in 1979, Kolcraft began making plastic products with the introduction of the innovative Carri-Cradle. Kolcraft continued its expansion into manufacturing and distributing other product categories including: Playards, High Chairs, Walkers and Strollers  By 1994, Kolcraft became one of the nations leading suppliers of strollers.

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Why you should consider buying the Jeep Liberty Stroller

Large, Inflatable Wheels for All Surfaces

The Jeep Liberty Limited Urban Terrain Stroller features large, inflatable tires that are ideal for bumpy surfaces and uneven roads. Whether you’re cruising down a gravel path or a grocery store aisle, the adjustable five-point harness keeps your child safe and secure. The seat back can be reclined for naps or other quiet moments.

Fits with Most Major Infant Car Seats

The stroller is designed to work with most major brands of infant car seats without an extra adapter. A restraint belt clips onto the top of the car seat for added security. It’s fully adjustable for a tight, secure fit that keeps the infant car seat firmly in place.

Swivelling Front Wheel and Foldable Design for Easy Use

The stroller’s 12-inch front wheel swivels to navigate around tight spots. It can also lock into place so it’s easier to push on rough terrain. When you’re done with the ride, the simple one-handed fold allows you to quickly fold the stroller while holding your baby in the other arm. Ideal for urban dwellers, it folds away neatly and stands upright for easy storage.

Built-In Entertainment for Long Rides

The stroller features a toy steering wheel that’s attached to the front tray, a fun horn, and car sounds to provide hours of essential entertainment for outings. The removable tray includes two cup holders. Plus, the stroller features the iBaby sound system, which works with iPod, iPhone, or MP3 players so you can bring along your own mix of tunes for both you and your child.

Convenient Storage Features for Parents

The parent-friendly tray offers two deep, insulated cup holders along with a lidded tray for storing essentials. A large, under-the-seat storage basket provides ample space for extra items while two removable cargo bags can be attached to the stroller to hold extra diapers, pacifiers, or toys for the trip. The dual-brake system is quickly activated with a simple push of your feet, and the handle’s soft-cushion grip is easy on the hands.

What’s in the box of the Jeep Liberty Stroller?

Jeep Liberty Limited Urban Terrain Stroller (Spark), iBaby sound system, iDrive toy steering wheel, parent tray, removable padded harness sleeve covers, and instruction manual.

Who will benefit most from the Jeep Liberty Stroller?

If you are an on the go parent  that needs a versatile, robust and  menuverable  stroller, you will appreciate the features like easy steering, a convenient parent tray, and the simple, one-handed fold design.

The Good and The Bad


  1. Sturdy 3-wheel jogger that swiveled and handled rough terrain very well.
  2. Lots of pockets and compartments on the Jeep Liberty Jogger.
  3. The footrest comes way out – so your child’s feet are not dangling off , and cover’s the wheel so well that feet are safe from getting caught in it .
  4. The seat is wide & tall for a bigger child, and it has a 5-point harness for safety.
  5. Parent tray – with cup holders (2) deep enough for your water bottle to stays in, even when bumping along on & off curbs etc. . .
  6. It has iPod speakers for your baby to listen too.
  7. Side compartments on both sides of the seat – big enough to hold a wallet, phone, keys etc. . .
  8. The baby tray has 2-cup holders to, a play car steering wheel & horn that can snap on to play with – BIG HIT!!
  9. Very easy to assemble.



One downfall – the canopy is attached to the top back of the seat. So if you wanted to pull the shade down lower in front you cant because it’s attached.

The Bottom Line

Over all – for the price – and it should cost more. I would recommend it to anyone.

This is for anyone looking for a modern stylish baby stroller. This will be one of your greatest assests to move your child around in safety and comfort.

You will find the Jeep Liberty Stroller to be one of the best investments you have ever made in your live.

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Baby Jogger Strollers – The Solution To Better Health

Baby Jogger Strollers – Keep Fit And Healthy

baby jogger strollersIn today’s world we are constantly bombarded with conflicting scenarios such as being fit, eating healthy and staying in shape. On top of that there are the daily financial challenges that we face.

As all of us know we are either to busy working to make it through the month, or financially it is not easy to eat the right foods and visit a gym.

This is especially so when you have a young child. In order to keep fit or do any fitness training, you need to either find a way to do it at home, or pay for a babysitter which can be inconvenient and costly. There is a solution to some of these problems and it comes in the shape of a jogger stroller.

Right now there are many parents who are utilizing baby strollers to achieve this goal. Not only are baby jogger strollers relatively inexpensive, they are fun for the child and allow you to have the freedom to jog with your child and get the exercise that you have been looking for.

Even if you have slightly older children at home they can also join in the fun. There are specially designed baby jogger strollers for the serious exercisers. These are essentially double strollers which can be used for both babies and toddlers. They are baby strollers that are traditional in their basic design, but also have a section in the back that includes a step for a toddler to stand on.

This can be beneficial for the child who feels burdened by thinking that they are too old to sit in a baby stroller. They can stand on the back step while you are jogging along.

It also gives you the opportunity to watch both your children while you get the needed cardio work out that you have been looking for.

These strollers are designed to be light weight and easy to control. When you are jogging with a bulky, difficult to control stroller it can be disastrous for both you and your children.

Searching on the internet you will find countless baby jogger strollers to choose from, with thousands of designs, colours and shapes. There are baby strollers that are specifically made for running, and if you have more children then just two there are even some that are made for that as well. So get surfing to find the best baby stroller that will fit all your needs.

Jeep Liberty Stroller – 5 Reasons To Get Yours Today

Jeep Liberty Stroller – Product Details

jeep liberty stroller1. Only you know your life Style.

A Jeep Liberty stroller will be an extension of your personality just like your clothing, car or your home. If you ever consider buying a baby stroller, you want to select a stroller that fits your lifestyle, it must be the right size, price, style and quality.

Maybe you are living in a small apartment, then you certainly do not want a large stroller that will take up a lot of space. If you are a bargain shopper, you are probably a bargain shopper when it comes to strollers as well, so you won’t need to look at strollers with extra bells and whistles. If you want to keep your stroller for several years, you want a colour that isn’t just this year’s trend.

2. Strollers, safety and infant car seats.

Remember you do not have to buy your baby stroller and infant car seat from the same manufacturer. When you think about it, buying an infant car seat is one of the biggest safety decisions you will make for your child.

It is therefore better to buy an infant car seat that has the highest safety rating rather than buying one that matches your stroller.

Your stroller will be used even if your child is all grown up and a toddler while the car seat may only last your child the first 6 months of his life. A Jeep Liberty Stroller is the ideal choice in this regard as it accommodates most of the recognised major brands.

 3. To Jog Or Not To Jog

Although at first glance  you would think that you are looking at a jogging stroller, the Kolcraft Jeep Liberty Limited Urban Terrain stroller is not advertised as a “Jogger”. But it still manage to be a surprisingly affordable rugged all-terrain machine with endless storage and smooth handling.

4. The Company

The Kolcraft story begins in 1946 Chicago, when Leo Koltun made playpen pads out of cotton batting and oilcloth covers for post World War II babies.

Rapid growth followed as Kolcraft expanded into manufacturing other types of pads including crib mattresses making Kolcraft America’s number1crib mattress manufacturer .

In 1979, Kolcraft began making plastic products with the introduction of the innovative Carri-Cradle; the first combination plastic infant carrier and rocker with a carrying handle. Kolcraft continued its expansion into manufacturing and distributing other product categories including: Playards, High Chairs, Walkers and Strollers . By 1994, Kolcraft became one of the nations leading suppliers of strollers.

Their motto is their continuity of family ownership that sets them apart allowing them to have an entrepreneurial approach and develop and manufacture “must have” baby products that make parents’ and caregivers’ lives easier.

5. The Key Features

jeep liberty strollerIt’s difficult to remember everything you need in a stroller. It is helpful to keep the following key features in mind:

•           Safety restraints for your baby

•           Cup holders to hold your and baby’s drinks

•           Reversible seat to interact with your baby

•           Ease of and size of folding stroller

This is just a few of the reasons you should consider when you decide to purchase a new stroller. Jeep Liberty Strollers is hands down one of the best baby strollers around.

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Baby Strollers – Picking The Right One For Your Baby

Baby Strollers – Features

baby strollersOne of the most important purchases, that you as parent will make during your child’s growing years, will be a baby stroller.

Although there are a number of well known brands in the market who will provide you with the best available product for your baby, you should be wise and well informed and choose carefully.

In a perfect world you would have gone to a store and check out all the baby strollers they have on offer. You would then compare all the different brands on your shortlist and then make a decision. Nowadays with the internet it is not difficult to get all the information  you need to make a sound decision before purchasing anything. You can be sure to find a review on the internet discussing the stroller in detail, all the pros and cons.

When you have done your research online, you can be sure that the baby stroller that you buy will offer your child all the comfort and safety that is needed.

A few things that you should keep in mind when buying baby strollers are listed below:

1) Safety:

For any parent, this is by far the most important thing to consider. You need to ensure that the strollers you buy will offer your child safety when you are pushing him along in the park or on the sidewalks.

Check the harness, and make sure it is equipped with a 5 point harness, it is the best. If your baby is still very small and for babies who still haven’t learnt to walk they will  spend a lot of time in the stroller, you have to make sure that they are fit in securely.

Also ensure that it is not a flimsy stroller. You can easily check this by hanging your handbag or a bag filled with other items on the handle. If it does not tip and it gives you the stability that you need, then you know it is the one to buy.

2) Wheels and Handles:

Always remember you will be the one pushing your child around, while your child is sitting happily and comfortable in the stroller, you should also have the comfort of a well balanced stroller with a comfortable handle and wheels that offer easy manoeuvrability.

Make a point of it to learn about the quality of the wheels. Some models will have fixed rubber wheels that give a very hard ride. Others will have inflatable wheels that offer a smoother ride. These are mostly found in the baby jogger strollers range. Also always look for adjustable handles so that you and your spouse can both take turns to push the baby around comfortably.

3) Features:

Nowadays so many features are offered on strollers some for the benefit of the baby but mostly for yours. Check all the features that other strollers offer and then depending on your needs you can pick the best one.

Check if it has a basket under the seat, so that you can put the diaper bag and other snacks in it. You also need to ensure that the stroller can be folded easily and shoved into the trunk of your car with ease.

These are the three basics that you should look for. Although you must consider the price as well, do not make the mistake of buying strollers only on the basis of the price.

You want quality that can last for at least a few years and one that does not break down while you are in the middle of a shopping trip or walking around the park. Remember as your child grow up your stroller will work harder.

As said before check for reviews online before you make a purchase and speak to friends who may have already bought strollers for their children. Learn from other people’s mistakes and then buy the best baby stroller.

Jeep Liberty Stroller – All You Need To Know

Who Should Consider This Stroller?

If jeep liberty strolleryou are a parent and looking for a rugged stroller, you will be glad to know The Jeep Liberty stroller is here. We are all familiar with the well known “Jeep” brand and associate the name with a vehicle that has stood the test of time. As the name suggest this baby stroller falls in the same category.

It has a stylish design and one of the great features includes the iBaby sound system that enable you to listen to your iPod or mp3 player while on the move.

Why You Should Consider This Stroller!

The Jeep Liberty Stroller is ideal for the growing child. It can be used as an infant car seat or you can recline the seat to accommodate infants. It will support a child up to 40 pounds and is fitted with the grow with me five point safety harness.

The stroller can be folded up with one hand and it stands when folded occupying less space.

Another innovative design feature is that it accommodates infant car seats of all the popular car seat manufacturers and is easily fitted to your stroller. This Jeep stroller accommodate the following infant car seats:

Baby Trend Flex-Loc

Baby Trend EZ Flex-Loc

Baby Trend Latch-Loc

Britax Chaperone

Chicco KeyFit

Chicco KeyFit 30

Cosco First Ride DX

Cosco Starter

Graco Safe Seat

Graco SnugRide Infant

Graco SnugRide 30

Graco SnugRide 32

Graco SnugRide 35

Peg Perego Primo Viaggio

Peg Perego Primo Viaggio SIP

Peg Perego Primo Viaggio SIP 30-30

Safety 1st Designer 22

Safety 1st onBoard 35

Safety 1st onBoard 35 AIR

Just one WARNING to all the mom’s out there. Watch out for your husband, once he sees all the buttons that can be pushed and play with and the ease of use, you will have no rest, you will have to go along for a stroll. This is one of the best baby strollers on the market today.

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